As true fans of rock and metal for ages we have worn out our fair share of plain band tees training, getting sweat soaked and chafed in the process.

Why? Because wearing the colors of your favorite artists not only makes you look cool, but we believe that it energizes you, just like listening to your favorite songs will get you pumped and amped! So, what do you do when there’s no proper functional training apparel out there?

I know what we did: We made deals with the artists to make some and started OverMuch®, the world’s only provider of high quality functional rockwear. We are for the fans of the bands and for those who just like the iconic artwork. For those who have chosen to make training a way of life as well as for people, like ourselves, who train because it makes you feel good, gives you the energy to rock hard and helps you stay healthy without having to sacrifice that nice cold one at the show or when just kicking back after hitting the gym. Whoever you are and however you train, you deserve the best possible functional clothes, sporting the coolest artwork. At least according to us. And remember: Fit Rockers die hard.